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2007 AWARD (Australasian Writers & Directors) Bronze
2008 AWARD, 3 silver and 1 bronze
2008 GLOBAL New York Festival Awards
2008 CANNES International Advertising Awards: 1 gold and 2 silver Lion
2008 Gold MOBIUS Award
2010/11 LUERZER’S ARCHIVE, 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide
2012/13 LUERZER’S ARCHIVE, 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide

2007 Head On, Australian Photographers Gallery, Sydney
2007 Highly Commended, Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize
National Library & National touring exhibition
2008 Highly Commended, Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize
National Library & National touring exhibition
2009 Head On, Australian Centre For Photography, Paddington
2009 International Photography Awards: 5 honorable mention
2009 Worldwide Photography Gala Awards: Finalist, portraiture
2010 WGPA Circle of Fine Arts, Madrid Spain, group exhibition
2010 PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris: 2nd Prize Advertising
3rd Prize Fine Art Landscape, 4 honorable mention
2010 International Photography Awards: 8 honorable mention
2011 Finalist PDN Photo Annual
2011 Limited Edition, S2, Sydney
2011 Cross Projections, A cinematic screening of documentary photography, Sydney
2011 PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris: Silver Award Portraiture, Silver Award Fine Art Landscape
Bronze Award Advertising & 1 Honorable Mention
2011 International Photography Awards: Advertising Photographer of the Year
Finalist for Lucie Awards Photographer of the year 2011

2005 Interview & Photography: Australian Creative Magazine, June and July
2008 Photography feature: Los Logos 4, hardcover annual, Gestalten Germany
2008 Interview & Photography: Photographie. De, Vol.10 Germany
2008 Luerzer’s International Archive, Vol. 3
2009 Interview & Photography: Digital Design sept, Argentina, Mexico, USA
2009 Interview & Photography: Petapixel USA August
2009 Photography: International Viewbook Photostory
2010 Photography feature: Empty Magazine
2010 Photography feature: WGPA Annual Book
2010 Photography feature: PX3 Annual Book
2011 Photography feature: Adnews Annual Book

Communication Arts, Oct 2011
I-Ref, April 2011
Trendsnow, May 2011
Lifelounge, May 2011
My Modern Met, April 2011
My Modern Met, May 2011
Photo Slaves, Aug 2010
Loudreams, Aug 2010

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