Alex Fung
Photographer | HongKong


Alex is actively participates in various International photographers associations.

  • Featured Artist Representation with Influx Gallery, Notting Hill, London
  • World's Top 10 Wedding Photographer - One Eyeland
  • China's Top 10 Wedding Photographer - One Eyeland
  • PPAC's Top 10 International Photographer
  • AsiaWPA's Top 20 Photographers of the year
  • Hong Kong's Top 10 Wedding Photographer - One Eyeland
  • One Eyeland's Top 100 Photographer
  • WPE World's Top 100 Photographer
  • PPAC Global 2-Star Master Photographer


  • Wedding Professional Photographers International (WPPI)
  • "Landscape" First Place & Gold Distinction Award
  • "Pre-wedding Contemporary" First Place
  • "Bridal Couple/Models Together: Non-Wedding Day" Second Place
  • "Bride or Groom Alone: Wedding Day" Third Place


  • Cosmos Awards
  • "Creative Travel and Landscape" First Place
  • "Wedding Details" First Place & Third Place 2 Times
  • "Pre Wedding Couple Together" Second Place
  • "Wedding Day Couple Together" Second Place
  • "Creative Pre Wedding Composite" Second Place
  • "Wedding Day Bride Alone" Second Place & Third Place


  • Photo Wedding Stories (PWS)
  • "Wedding: On Wedding Day" First Place
  • "Groom alone" First Place
  • "Bride alone" First Place
  • "Landscape" First Place
  • "Wedding: On Wedding Day" Second Place
  • "Prewedding" Second Place
  • "Landscape" Second Place
  • "Wedding Details" Third Place
  • "Wedding: Bridal Party" Third Place
  • "Landscape" Third Place


  • Professional Photographers Asia Community (PPAC)
  • "Wedding" First Place
  • "Landscape" Second & Third Place​​​​​​​


  • Asia Wedding Photographers Association (AsiaWPA)
  • "Bride or Groom Single (Original)" Second Place
  • "Bride & Groom Together (Original)" Second Place
  • "Engagement (not in wedding gowns)" Third Place
  • "Landscape" Third Place


  • Professional Photographers Europe (WPE)
  • "Pre-wedding Composite" Second Place
  • "Groom Alone Wedding Day" Second Place


  • Expression Photography Awards (EPA)
  • "Wedding" Second Place


  • Master Photographers Association (MPA) & World Elite Photographers (WEP) Award-winning photographer
  • Alex was won more than 200 International photography award.


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