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According to Eric Idle of Monty Python, "Glen is a seven-foot Scotsman with a wooden leg whom I met Frog Rolling on an Eskimo trip in Northern Greenland.” Believe what you will. That’s the point. Wexler’s pictures have taken the viewer deep into make-believe worlds that look real. His signature style of “improbable realities” has earned an international client base and the following of photography collectors.

At 22 years of age, and still a student at Art Center College of Design, Glen Wexler was commissioned to photograph his first album cover for Quincy Jones Productions. With a multi-platinum project behind him he didn’t look back and quickly gained a reputation for his imaginative and elaborate photo-illustrations for Michael Jackson, Van Halen, Rush, Black Sabbath, Yes, ZZ Top and many others. Glen’s images soon began to attract top advertising clients including Acura, Sony, Jeep, Toyota, Maxell, Adobe, Warner Brothers Pictures and hundreds of others. Glen also creates feature photo-illustrations for TIME magazine.

Glen was among the original artists to adopt digital imaging technology as a tool in the creative process. Credited as a worldwide leader in the field, he has been invited to speak at the Seybold Conferences, PhotoPlus Expos, and at colleges across the United States.

Awards and recognition for Glen’s images have been received from Communication Arts, Graphis, Photo District News, Andy Awards, Beldings, Icon Awards, International Photography Awards, NPPA, Key Art Awards, and Lüzer’s Archive's 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide.

Glen has been profiled in many publications including Communication Arts, French PHOTO, Creativity, ZOOM, The Los Angeles Times and Apple’s Pro Stories Series.

“Wexler’s pictorial constancy as a risk taker and his deftness as a problem solver are the characteristics that distinguish his work and make his images both meaningful and memorable.”
- Tim Wride, Curator of Photography, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

“Wexler has assembled some of the most memorable advertising campaigns and imagery for musicians in the past 20 years.”
- Photo District News

“More than the pioneer of digital photography, you are considered its leader. You have influenced a lot of young photographers, so it seems like you lead a true movement, a true shift in art.”
- French PHOTO

“For Wexler, it's all part of making the image come to life. True to his original goal, he's created his own form of fine art.”
- Communication Arts

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