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Jackson Carvalho is a Brazilian photographer, and began shooting in childhood, when it was gifted by his aunt Diva with a camera. Later, Jackson Carvalho specializes in photography for many photo centers around the world. Currently Jackson Carvalho has under his belt many international awards and was awarded among others in: - Gold Medal at Trierenberg Super Circuit in Linz, Austria in 2014 - Gold Medal at the National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest 2014 - Category large animals. - Two Silver Medals and two Bronze, and 10 honorable mentions at the PX3 - Prix de la Photographie Paris 2015 - A silver medal and two bronze, and 10 honorable mentions in MIFA 2014 - Moscow International Fotography Awards - 4 Bronze Medals at One Eyeland Awards 2014 - 2 Bronze Medals at One Eyeland Awards 2013 In his list of inspirations are renowned photographers worldwide as: Sebastião Salgado, Robert Douisneau, Irving Penn, Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino, Pierre Verger and many others.

Jackson Carvalho studied photography at ICP - International Center of Photography in New York, the IIF - International Institute of Photography of São Paulo and Future London Academy of London among others. Also he learned directly with major international masters like Peter Coulson (Australia), Settimmio Beneducci (Italy), C. Stephen Hurst (USA).

In his photography, Jackson Carvalho covers several topics such as Wildlife, Landscapes, Fine Arts and Cityscape, always with a very peculiar perspective and a creative streak in his compositions and chromatic approach and a black and white marked by high levels of contrast. In his conceptual works, Jackson directs his models for strong and dramatic expressions associated with creativity contained in the topics under which deals with his photographic art.

- Best of the Best Photographers Book 2013
- Best of the Best Photographers Book 2014
- Trieremberg Super Circuit 2014 - Special Themes
- Trieremberg Super Circuit 2014 - The Best of Show
- IPA Book 2014
- Trieremberg Super Circuit 2015 - Special Themes
- Trieremberg Super Circuit 2015 - The Best of Show
- Advanced Photographer - England
- Sexy Magazine

Won Awards:

- One Eyeland Awards 2013
- Trieremberg Super Circuit 2014
- National Wild Life Federation Photo Contest 2014
- IPA 2014
- Moscow International Fotography Awards 2014
- London International Creative Competition 2014
- Spider Black and White Awards 2014
- International Color Awards 2014
- One Eyeland Awards 2014
- Graphis 2014
- Pentaprism - Into the Wild Photo Contest
- One Eyeland Awards 2014
- PX3 - Prix de La Photographie 2015
- IPA 2015
- ND Awards
- Monochrome Awards 2015
- One Eyeland Awards 2015 - Photographer of the Year - Bronze

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