A Luerzer's Archive Top 200 Advertising Photographer Worldwide. Recognized by Hasselblad Masters, Canon, The Int'l Photography Awards, The Addy's, Communications Arts, Graphis, and PDN annuals, Prix de la Photographie Paris, Pollux Awards, American Photographic Artists, Int'l Loupe Awards, Worldwide Galla, and The Int'l Color Awards. John has been profiled in Communication Arts "Fresh" feature promoting the best talent in the country as well as in After Capture and American Photography magazines. He has also been interviewed about his work in the New York Times and on MSNBC.

"Complex image making can be a challenge with many artists but when working with Fulton, the process is always a blend of professionalism, humor, and artistry.  On a recent project together, to get the ambitious images that our client required and to stay on budget, John’s approach involved a combination of extensive retouching and 3D modeling.  As a producer, when you get a production proposal from a photographer that includes complex post work that they may be only nominally in charge of, it’s not ideal.  When John wraps a shoot, producers and AD’s know that hitting the shutter isn’t the end of his contribution and that this only half of his contribution.  He’s invested in the project from bid to final delivery and personally handles the post work on all projects.  John’s brand of problem solving directly enhances the finished product, delivering images that look like a much larger production and winning fast approval from a clients that can be tough to please."

John Rosato, Senior Art Producer, mu//en

"Our 3rd Eaton project with John took us from the mountains of Telluride to the deserts of New Mexico on a 4 day mission to capture some of the most extreme conditions where our client's products are put to the test. We were up before dawn and finished well after sunset every day, but when the final files were delivered it was clear that it was all well worth it. The images were epic! The client and the agency were extremely happy. We've worked with John many times over the years on a variety of different clients. He has real ingenuity for delivering affective visuals on a large spectrum of projects. Of course it never hurts that he always knows where the best restaurants in town are as well."

Rick Bryson - Creative Director

Select Clients: AT&T, Honda, Harley Davidson, Dupont, Captain Morgan, Firestone, PGA, Westi, Hyatt Resorts, Hilton, Airstream, Starwood Hotels, BBDO, RIchards Group, Mullen.

"'I'm an easy going guy but a fervent creator who likes to have fun and work hard with great people! Lets build something together…" -- John

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