Martin Krystynek


I was born in Slovakia. I fall in love with photography in 2007. I am self teached photographer, so I practiced several years doing photography for friends for free. Those were very hard times, working 24/7. In 2010 I decided to try another country, I`ve chosen south america, especially Paraguay, where I learnt a lot about photography, business and I gained the necessary experience. I worked there for many important people from the field of politics, modeling or show business. Then, later in 2010 I started to work as a professional in Slovakia, started my own small studio, but big enough for my starting projects. Then I moved to bigger space and began to find partners. My wife Patricia is with me from the early beginning as a make-up artist, now she run her own beauty studio. I have some permanent members such a blogger, web-designer, photographer and videographer to cover all our businesses.

As we have a team of professionals, we offer all kind of photography from portraits, newborn, maternity, reportage to wedding and commercials.

I was always fascinated by beauty, faces, bodies and emotions, and all this aspects I am trying to catch to my photos. My friend and excellente photographer has a motto and I totally agree with him. It says that “All faces are beautiful, you just need to be close enough”.

I remember, my first award was gold award for nude photo of a beautiful model, laying on the ground in the play with lighting and shadows which arises charm, sensualism and inimitability of a woman. With her natural beauty, with her emotions and feelings, with her awesome body which is covered and uncovered at the same time. This photo was so sensual for me, that I named my collection SENSUAL BEAUTY consisting of sensual and emotive pictures of natural female beauty.Collection of photos assigned to celebration of a woman as a human being, as a goddess, as a mother, sister and daughter and as a personality.

After I won my first award I was so motivated, so I tried several most known international photo competitions where I succeed. Every competition has a different goal and vision, so there are also competitions where I will never succeed with photos which won tons of gold.

I am very happy and honored to be part of judge panel in competitions like FEP European Photographer of The Year, 35Awards, VOUBS, BIFA [which is part of IPA] and others.

Nowadays I am also working as a curator on the most prestigious international curated photography site

After years working in photography my name became my brand and I obtained professional success and experience. In the past 6 years I obtained more than 350 international awards, gold, silver and bronze medals and tons of honorable mentions.

My photos were published in many international photographic books around the world.

I was accepted as a member of Association of Professional Photographers of Slovak Republic [APFSR] in 2013 and in 2015 I was nominated and selected as a president of our national photographic organization APFSR, which is also a member of Federation of European Professional Photographers [FEP] based in Brussel. After some years involved in APFSR and FEP I was nominated and selected as a board member of FEP.

  • Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP)
  • President of Association of Professional Photographers of Slovak Republic
  • Board member of FEP (Federation of European Professional Photographers)
  • Committee member of WPC (World Photographic Cup)


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