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Growing up in a small, picturesque town half way between Berlin and Amsterdam, Jens fell in love with photography at an early age. Ever since his uncle gave him a $5 Agfamatic for his tenth birthday, Lucking has not left the house without a camera.

Drawn by the terrible cuisine and the wet weather, he moved to London in 1996. Traveling around the globe for various assignments and personal projects, Jens finally traded his beloved British fish 'n chips for some California sushi and now lives with his lovely wife and car-obsessed son in Venice Beach.

His award-winning photographs have been sold in major art auctions, featured in worldwide publications and exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in Europe and North America.

Jens was awarded First Prize from close to 8,000 images submitted. The 60 finalist
images were exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in London's Trafalgar Square.

...[Jens'] early efforts focused exclusively on his other childhood passion - cars.
"As a kid, I must have taken thousands of pictures of cars", he recalls. "Perhaps
that's why I love Jaques-Henri Lartigue. I had the same youthful obsession with
photography and automobiles."
As a teenager, Lucking was torn between car design and photography as a career,
eventually opting for the latter - much to his parents' disapproval. Their displeasure
increased when, after training in Germany, he moved to London in 1996.
"I took all my savings, said my goodbyes and headed for the UK",explains Lucking,
now aged 32. "Six months later, all the money was gone and my parents were nagging
at me to come home and get a proper job."
Deciding to stick it out, Lucking was thrown a lifeline when he "hassled" car photographer
Chris Bailey into hiring him as an assistant - a job that brought him financial stability and
the opportunity to indulge his twin passions once more.
While continuing to shoot ad campaigns for clients in the UK and overseas, Lucking now
devotes more time to non-commercial work...

Jens has since moved to California and now lives with his wife and son in Venice. While waiting for his work permit
and green card to arrive he has exhibited in a number of Southern California galleries and had his image
"Leaning Al" selected for the Art Of Photography Show 2010. 111 photographs were chosen by Natasha Egan,
Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, from 13,692 submitted.
After finishing an advertising campaign shoot for Pfizer (ad agency: CDM; CDs: Tom DelMundo, Ted Kossakowski)
in California and NYC he entered some personal work into the 2012 APA LA Off The Clock curated exhibition. His
image "Ranger" only just returned from travelling to TBWA\Chiat\Day and Crispin Porter + Bogusky when the news
arrived that this year's judge, Anne Lyden, curator at the J. Paul Getty Museum in LA, chose 2 further images to be
included in the 2013 Off The Clock exhibition.

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