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Tamboly is a professional photography and art director who has been credited with several awards for his outstanding contributions to the world of photography. Over the years, photography has become more of a lifestyle for him and not just a profession. His areas of specialities are; Conceptual photography, People/Portrait Photography, architecture and travel photography.
He had his first connection with a camera as a child. At age 8, he owned his first camera which ignited a spark in his curious mind introducing him to destiny. Before having any proper education in photography, Tamboly developed a unique artistic vision regarding the importance of light, design, and colour coordination.
His education journey in arts started in the year 1996 when he joined the Faculty of Applied Arts and studied advertising, publishing & printing at the light photography department. In November 2001, A.Tamboly obtained his Bachelor in Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS).
After university, he decided to take a teaching job as a drawing teacher in a primary school where he taught drawing for six months. Leaving his teaching job, he decided to become a freelance photographer. He began coming into the limelight by participating in a wide range of photo salons, group exhibitions, biennales, and festivals, besides travelling on photography expeditions to countries like; Greece, Egypt, Syria, Switzerland, Cyprus, Turkey, and Jordan.
Subsequently, Tamboly gained certification in Graphic design and worked as an event photographer in Z├╝rich, Switzerland. His success story started in 2004 after his second solo exhibition which had been covered by international TV and Media, ever since he has been committed to improving himself and expanding his knowledge in his area of expertise.
After relocating in 2005 to Berlin, Germany, Tamboly has successfully worked with several artists, ventures, fashion designers and other organizations globally. He also ventured into Video production in 2006 and since then has produced several short movies and video clips.
Tamboly started working for several music magazines from 2009 including, Metalhammer and Rollingstone and photographed a variety of rock stars, among them Billy Idol, Alice Cooper, Papa Roach, The Boss Hoss, Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P. and the Beatsteaks.
Besides being a member of the Association of Photographers in London, Tamboly was a member of Jury for the Graphis Awards in Newyork and Oneeyeland Annual Award in India.

Hasselblad Masters Awards, shortlisted 2018
Felix Schoeller Award, Shortlisted, portraits 2018
International Photography Awards, honorable mentions 2017
Sony World Photography Awards, shortlisted, 2016
Moscow international photography awards, 3x nominee 2016
IPOTY, International photographer of the year, architecture 2016
International photography awards, 3rd Place 2015
IPA, Oneshot, honorable mention 2015
Gold, Graphis Annual Photography Awards, Newyork 2015

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