Rachel Owen is a photographer living and working with her husband and son in the Chicagoland area. Right out of high school Rachel began working as a wedding and portrait photographer and is currently evolving into her true passion, green-screen photography and digital compositing.  As an Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert she often merges photos of her subjects in the studio on greenscreen into miniature objects or even combines multiple photographs to create a new setting that does not exist in the real world. Many describe Rachel a “self-taught” artist, but she has an aversion towards this moniker and contributes her knowledge to the study of many master artists. Although she has no formal degree she jumps at every learning opportunity she can; online classes, private workshops, art blogs, museum lectures, and college textbooks are just a few of the ways she satisfies her ambition for education. Considering education her third-highest life priority she makes studying imperative daily practice. You can often find her wandering the Art Institute of Chicago with a favorite book in hand such as Symbols and Allegories in Art. Rachel\'s primary goal when photographing anyone is to make the person in front of her lens feel empowered and to have that empowerment show up and provoke the viewer.  Her images are often described as surreal and whimsical, and they take the viewer into a fantasy to blur the lines of reality and fiction. Rachel describes her desire to create as a fundamental energy in her soul that hurts more to keep in than to let out. AWARDS Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert WPPI Double Master Photographer Portrait Masters Master Photographer Ranked World’s #1 Portrait Photographer by OneEyeland (2022) 2022 WPPI: Grand Award: Response WPPI: Open Album Division First Place: Response WPPI: The Annual, Open Album Division Second Place: Finding A Voice WPPI: Fashion/Beauty First Place: Ice King PPA Diamond Photographer Of The Year PPA IPC: GIA Finalist: Love Lost PPA IPC: GIA Finalist: Seamingly Fine Spring 2022 The Portrait Masters Wedding First Place 2021 PPA Diamond Photographer Of the Year PPA IPC: GIA Finalist Album: Response PPA IPC: GIA Finalist Album: Finding A Voice WPPI The Annual: Teenager Second Place: Liturgy WPPI Second Half: Pets First Place: Clown WPPI Second Half :Boudoir Second Place: Siren WPPI Second Half :Open Creative Second Place: Storybook Adventure OneEyeland Top Ten Fine Art Photographers Rank #2 in USA Edward Dixon Gallery: “We’re Doing It All Wrong Juried Show” First Place: Coercion Shoebox Arts: “Horizon 2.0 Juried Show” third place: Coercion


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