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Working across lifestyle, portraiture and landscape, Taylor has worked with high-end advertising clients including Emirates, Virgin Australia, Schweppes, Australian Tourism, Qantas, Samsung, Subaru, Smirnoff, Coca-Cola, WWF, Canon, Olympus, Bayer and Art Series Hotels. His definitive style and award-winning photography have been celebrated with gold & silver at Cannes, Advertising Photographer of the year at the International Photography Awards in New York, numerous Prix De la Photography wins in Paris as well as Photographer of the year in the Australian Hotshop Awards.
Taylor says of his work:
“I am intrigued by how people relate to each other and how we connect to this beautiful planet. My intention is to evoke a response, like music or the cinema, to be able to touch others with photography and video would be incredible.”

The award-winning photographer is also emerging into motion film direction.

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