Wouldn’t it be great if we could identify the finest Mobile photographers in every country and crown the best in the World? One Eyeland’s new photo contest does this and more, elegantly, by celebrating the World’s Top 10 Mobile Photographers. Entrants can be from any geography and any culture. All that matters is your beautiful images.

Aung Chan Thar


The Top Photographer will receive a cash prize of US$2500.

The Top 10 Photographers in the World will receive the Golden X Trophy. *

The Top Photographer in each Country will receive the Golden X Trophy. **

  • * The Top 10 Mobile Photographers in the World will each receive the Golden X Trophy which is gold plated of size 8x2x2 inches. (a minimum of 22 points is required for the title. A photographer who is the World’s Top 10 and also a country winner will receive only one trophy.)
  • ** The Top Mobile Photographer in each country will receive the Golden X Trophy. (a minimum of 22 points is required for the trophy)
  • All the Top 10 Mobile Photographers in each country will receive a digital certificate. (a minimum of 10 points is required for the title)
  • All winners (Gold/Silver/Bronze & Finalist) will each receive a digital certificate.
  • All winning images will be showcased on our website.
Dominika Koszowska

JURY 2021

The jury comprises of some select Top 50 One Eyeland Professional Photographers.

Ben Welsh
Photographer | Spain
Caesar Lima
Photographer | Brazil
Carola Kayen Mouthaan
Photographer | Netherlands
Haseo Hasegawa
Photographer | Japan
John Lund
Photographer | USA
Marc Sabat
Photographer | Finland
Marcus Hausser
Photographer | Brazil
Mark Mawson
Photographer | UK
Mauro Risch
Photographer | Australia
Nigel Harniman
Photographer | UK
Patrick Curtet
Photographer | USA
Patrizia Burra
Photographer | Italy
Paul Brouns
Photographer | Australia
Robert Tardio
Photographer | USA
Ruslan Bolgov
Photographer | Australia
Stan Musilek
Photographer | USA
Steve Turner
Photographer | Australia
G Sharad Haksar
Photographer & Founder
One Eyeland | India
Krishna Vr


Aerial Black & White Food Nude Sport Wedding
Architecture Cityscape Landscapes People Street Wildlife
Automotive Event Macro Photo Journalism Still Life
Beauty Fashion Nature Portraits Underwater
Family Portraiture Fine Art Night Self-Portraits Waterscapes
Black & White
Fine Art
Photo Journalism
Still Life
Pier Luigi Dodi


Extended Deadline:
November 29, 2021


Single Entries Only: 11.99 USD
Additional Category (same image/entry): 4.99 USD


5 - 9 entries 5% discount.
10 - 14 entries 10% discount.
15 - 19 entries 15% discount
20 - 24 entries 20% discount.
25 and above entries 25% discount.
15% - 25% Additional discount for One Eyeland Premium Members.
Entries from India will have an additional GST of 18% on the above fees.
Sai Kit Yeung



  • Images shot on the mobile phones are only valid.

  • Images without meta data will be disqualified.

  • No Watermarks / Copyright Units / Logos on images


  • Gold = 20 POINTS

  • Silver = 10 POINTS

  • Bronze = 5 POINTS

  • Finalists = 2 POINTS


Entrants must ensure they own undisputed copyrights to their respective entries uploaded for the awards. Copyright of all photographs submitted rest with the photographer. One Eyeland may use all entries submitted for marketing & promoting the One Eyeland Awards although there will not be any monetary compensation for the same. Neither One Eyeland nor their associates, affiliates or partners assume any responsibility for photos submitted in violation of competition rules / copyright regulations. Images that demonstrate violations on copyright and/or competition policies will be removed & disqualified by One Eyeland after due investigations.

How are the ‘Top 10 Mobile Photographers of the World: 2021' chosen?

  • The top 10 photographers with the maximum number of points for his / her top 10 entries will win the Title. The photographer will need a minimum of 22 points to be considered for the Title.

How are the ‘Top 10 Mobile Photographers of a Country: 2021' chosen?

  • The top 10 photographers with the maximum number of points for his / her top 10 entries will win the Title. The photographer will need a minimum of 10 points to be considered for the Title.

Can a photographer win the “Top 10 Mobile Photographers Of The World:2021", if he / she sends less than 10 entries?

  • While there is no upper limit to the number of entries a photographer can submit, the more number of entries will only work towards better chances of winning the award. The minimum number of entries will have to be 2.

What if there is a tie once the points are tallied?

  • In case there is a tie where photographers have the same points, their quality of metals (number of Golds, Silvers & Bronzes) will be taken into account to determine the winner.

Do you have a stipulated time limit within which the images must have been shot?

  • No. There is no restriction on when the entry image were created.

Is it okay that the photograph submitted has already taken part / awarded by a contest in the past?

  • Sure. You can submit a photograph that was submitted / awarded in any other contest in the past.

Can changes be made once the payment has been done?

  • No. Once you have paid, no modifications are possible. So, do make sure you review your entries before you pay.

Will a notification be sent on successful completion of submission?

  • You will receive an email from within 48 hours from the time of successful submission. If the mail does not reach you within 48 hours, you can write to us at the same email ID and we will do the needful. Please always check your Junk / Spam folder before you write to us.

How would intimations be sent out once the awards are announced?

  • You will receive an email from once the final list of winners has been announced.

How is the judging done?

  • The photo contest consists of two rounds of judging. In Round One, a panel from One Eyeland will review all the entries. A select portion of the entries will be selected for Round Two. In Round Two, the Judges will select the winners. There is no upper limit on the number of awards given. The judging will be blind and the photographer will remain anonymous throughout judging process to ensure impartiality.

Dominika Koszowska

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