Jesus Martin Chamizo, Madrid 1961. Linked to the plastic arts from a very young age, he studied at various photography schools between 1977 and 1980, the year in which he published a portfolio at the age of 18 in the magazine "Poptografia", months later makes his first exhibition.

Since then, he has developed his research and work in different photographic fields (architecture, interior design, landscape), combining concept, technique and creativity in all of them.

Participating in various individual and group exhibitions and garnering numerous national and international awards.



Her passion for art and architecture come together to create images that, separating from reality, transform known spaces and forms. And this is the common thread of his most recent artistic work, the relationship between the human being and his environment, how one influences the other and how both can be transformed and projected into another parallel universe.

"The search for new forms of expression in spaces and architecture. The alteration of the planes, exploring and altering the structures and their perspectives make up my current line ofwork"

He lets himself be seduced by the architectural spaces and interprets, with his particular way of looking, the sensations that they suggest to him. For years she has focused her most personal work on architectural landscape. Separating from reality, they transform known spaces and forms, the relationship between human beings and their environment, how one influences theother and how both can be transformed and projected into another parallel universe. London, Madrid and New York are the cities that have inspired her in her latest series.

"I use imagination and fantasy as tools to show that other reality, as a speculation that based on the knowledge of the real, shows us new scenarios, making the improbable possible"

21 International Awards - 2018/2019/2020

  • Gold / Architecture IPA Latin Awards 2018, for 'Glass Memories'
  • Silver / Architecture IPA Latin Awards 2018, for 'Geometrical'
  • Gold / Fine Art IPA Latin Awards 2018, for 'Geometrical'
  • Silver / Fine Art IPA Latin Awards 2018, for 'Glass Memories'
  • Gold / Best Architecture Photographer IPA Latin Awards 2018
  • Bronze / Architecture Total International IPA Awards 2018 "Geometric"
  • 2018 ND Bronze / Architecture Awards, for "Glass Memories"
  • IPA Silver Awards / Otra Arquitectura 2019, for 'Theaters 1'
  • Honorable Mention / Open POLLUX Awards 2018, "Glass Memories"
  • Bronze / PANO 2018 AWARDS, Open "Transiting 1"
  • Bronze / PANO 2018 AWARDS, Open "Geiser Tatio"
  • Bronze / PANO 2018 AWARDS, Open "Buidreams 7"
  • Gold / PANO 2019 AWARDS, Open-Vertical with "Geometrical 3"
  • Silver / PANO AWARDS 2019, Open, with "Glass Memories 6"
  • Silver / PANO AWARDS 2019, Built Environment "Geometrical 3"
  • Honorable Mention / ND Awards 2019, for "Theaters 1"
  • Honorable Mention / TIFA Awards 2019, for "Theaters 1"
  • MIFA Gold / Architecture Awards 2020, for "From The Stage"
  • Honorable Mention / Mifa Awards 2020, for "City Dolmens"
  • Finalist / CIP FESTIVAL 2020, for "Geiser Tatio 360o"
  • Finalist / Vila Casas Foundation 2020, for "From The Stage 3"

Recent Exhibitions

  • 2017
  • Madrid / Club Financiero Genova -Wecollect Club, "Series"
  • Chicago / Biennial Architecture / Cervantes Institute, "Palacio Tribute"
  • New York / Cervantes Institute, "Palacio Tribute"
  • 2018
  • Madrid / Open Art-Casadecor, "Series"
  • Mallorca-Porto Pi / Flecha Gallery, "Series"
  • Madrid / Ror-Gallery, "Series"
  • 2019
  • Madrid / One Shot Hotels By Nagare Art Projects, "Series"
  • Madrid / PHOTOESPANA 2019 in Kreisler Gallery "Building Images"
  • Brussels / Noon Consulting Art-Gallery "Imagined Architecture"
  • 2020
  • Brussels / Mhaata Gallery "Imagined Architecture"
  • Madrid / ART-MADRID Fair, "Series"
  • Budapest / PH 21 Gallery "Silence"
  • Madrid / PHOTOESPANA 2020 in Poko Espacio Gallery "A Scene / Theaters"
  • Girona / Vila Casas Foundation Museum, "From The Stage 3"
  • Crete / Chania CIP FESTIVAL 2020, "Geiser Tatio 360o"


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