One day, it stung like a violent wind that our memories depended on a faulty camera in our minds. That was when I decided to pick up a real camera, to immobilise the relentless passage of time, and sustain cathartic instances well into forever. Although I am still relatively young in terms of photographic years, I have developed an ardent affinity for atmospheric and riveting photos with a sense of somber poignance and dark grandeur. As such, black and white is a favored medium of mine to impart this timeless, introspective, and cathartic quality to my images. When you take out the distraction of colors, a photo is stripped down to its most basic elements, and all that's left is the interplay between light and shadows, as well as raw, unadulterated emotions. Inspired by penumbras created by partially obscured light sources that fall off into smooth graduations, I adapted this approach in my photographs to reflect the intricate depths and layers of earnest human emotions. Even in a monochromatic image, there is not just black or white, but also an entire world made up of shades of grey. I find this an accurate depiction of the human condition, where nothing is ever just singularly absolute, but rather more of a kaleidoscopic mixture.


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