Peter David is a photographer from Central Europe, Slovakia, town Kosice. He is photographing since 2004. During his career he has traveled around 53 countries around the world - from Europe, through America, Canada, Asia and Africa. During his travels he devoted himself mainly to landscape photography. Around 2009 he met Eugene Bernath, a respected Kosice wedding photographer. He started to work as his assistant and that sparked his interest in the wedding photo. After attending the London SWPP conference, he found a completely different dimension in the wedding photography. This is one of the reason why he began to learn from one of the most appreciated wedding photographers in the world. It just showed him a new direction and helped to advance much more in his creativity. He started competing only since 2017 and his first competition was Oneeyeland and here he managed to succeed and win Bronze. Since then it can boast with successes such as:



  • Oneeyeland Bronz


  • Slovakias Top 10 weddings Rank 1
  • Oneeyland Silver
  • Oneeyland 2x Finalist
  • Nikon Calendar I been choose from 16000 images to 40 best


  • PWS - 3rdPlace Photojurnalist
  • PWS - 6x Merit
  • WPE - Silver Awards
  • WPE - Bronz Awards
  • WPE - Bronz Awards
  • WPPI - 5x Silver Awards


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