I am Saikit Yeung, founder of Saikit Photography in Hong Kong since 2014.

I specialise in landscapes, commercials, and portraiture. I have collaborated with different companies, such as《ASUS》, 《Laowa Lens 》,《New World Development》,《Agnès B.》, 《Nike》.

When I do not have any assignments, I always like to stay in my room to play my guitar and singing songs (of course I’m a huge karaoke fan). Most importantly, I also enjoy riding my motorbike to explore the wonders and fantasies of the world. I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing away my troubles.

Everything is a part of photographing, heavy backpacks, rocky paths, hiking in the middle of the night, camping before sunrise, they are all based on my unlimited passion, effort, and respect towards this beautiful nature. Whenever I'm alone, holding my camera, I find myself not only taking a picture but also exploring life in nature. Here, I also meet many people and photographers with who I will become great friends so I could often share my fantastic adventures with them.