Azim Khan Ronnie was born in Dhaka and brought up in Bogura, Bangladesh. He has an utter passion for photography and photography has been his passion. As a photographer, his essential aim is to capture the moments of life and give them significance by making them static in time. He loves to travel and be in different places, meet new people, and enjoy the experience that photography offers, which is to capture Earth\'s beautiful and awe-inspiring moments. He also loves to experiment with his photography. He has taken part in many International Photography contests and till now he has won more than 600 international photography awards. List of International Prestigious Photography Awards: 2023: * Category winner in the Open Competition, Sony World Photography Awards (SWPA) 2023, London. * Won the SECOND (SILVER MEDAL) position in the AEREAL category of Canarian Photo Awards 2023 (CPA23), Spain. * Winner Your Best Stock Photo from Dreamstime assignment photo contest 2023, USA. * 1st Prize Winner in Food category and four Nominee from Kioxia Excelens Awards 2023, UAE. * Won Merit Award from the prestigious All About Photo Awards 2023 - The Mind\'s Eye, USA. 2022: * Category winner of the Concrete in Daily Life Professional of the Concrete in Life 2022. * Grand Prize Winner in One Eyeland World\'s Top 10 Travel Photographers 2022. * One Eyeland Photographer of the Year 2022- Bronze * One Eyeland Photographer of the Year 2022- Editorial - Gold * One Eyeland Photographer of the Year 2022- Bangladesh - Gold * 1st place winner in People category from Amateur Photographer of The Year 2022. * Won Second Prize in the IPF Photographer of the Year (IPOY) Award 2022 in Mobile Category, India. * Won five silver awards from 2022 Better Photography Magazine Photographer of the Year. * WMPO Bronze and Honorable Mention Winner in The World Masters of Photography Award 2022, Austria. * Category winners of the \'Faces of Climate Change\' International Photography Competition 2022, UK. * Won Silver prize in 13th Marumi Photo Contest “Pictures taken with ND filter\" from Japan. * 1st Prize winner of the TRAVEL Category, Honorable Mention winner of the TRAVEL Category, Honorable Mention winner of the ARCHITECTURE Category, Honorable Mention winner of the WATER Category from Mobile Photography MPA 11th Mobile Photography Awards. * Two Commanded Awards from DRONE Photo Awards 2022, Italy. 2021: * Category winner Aerial in world\'s largest photo competition CEWE Photo Award 2021, Germany. * Won Merit Awards from prestigious All About Photo Awards, USA. * 3rd Place Winner from The International Portrait Photographer of the Year, Australia. * One Highly commanded and two commanded awards from Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award, UK. * Overall winner Camera Jabber Photographer of the Year, USA. * 1st Prize winner from Capture One Pro photo contest, Denmark. * Honorable Mention Award from Vienna International Photo Award 2021, Austria.


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