Critical focus is central to producing a final product of professional quality and benchmarks hold the key in understanding and transcending perceived limitations. Every device needs calibration for optimal settings to maximise our image quality as we define per our calibre.

In the 1930’s, Siemens & Haske AG (now Siemens), for their narrow-gauge film cameras, developed the ubiquitous Siemens star or focus chart that forms the dramatic cover of this edition of the One Eyeland book. The chart is now seen in myriad use cases involving the calibration of optical instruments to correct errors, astigmatism, among other aberrations in imaging systems. The element’s tapered wedges provide a continuous change in resolution that can be evaluated in both vertical and horizontal directions, along with a variety of other orientations, without repositioning the target. Having many such spoked targets across the field of view makes comparing different imaging solutions easier by providing the ability to determine the best focus across the field of view while simultaneously analysing horizontal and vertical information at a variety of resolutions.

In 1934, for the German Himalaya Expedition, Siemens model B and D cameras were used for the first time under extreme conditions, at an altitude of 7,050 meters on Nanga Parbat. Their images were sharp enough to be magnified 500,000 times to display at movie theatres, courtesy of the ability to choose and calibrate lenses. With scientific and technological advancements especially in optics, A.I. and image processing, our standards today for optimal setups have also accordingly evolved by leaps and bounds.

Year after year, the One Eyeland book is published as a testament to this legacy of focus and grit underlying every focussed effort to capture a moment at a time and place with the highest degree of artistic expression. Evaluated by the foremost photographers of today, this year’s edition of One Eyeland’s “Best of the Best” features a conscientiously curated collection of 140 images from 79 photographers that would serve as the ultimate benchmark to push the boundaries of the achievable with today’s state-of- the-art technology, talent, and tenacity.

G Sharad Haksar
One Eyeland

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