Piotr Gregorczyk is an award-winning artist photographer based in London shooting food, still life, liquids and tabletop films.

He is best known for his conceptual, deconstructed food and liquid photography exploring the concept of weightlessness of food and drinks in zero gravity.

Working with a network of London's best model-makers, food, prop stylists and set builders, Piotr has built a reputation for creating dynamic and graphic images.

PG Retouch manages all post production, relying on 17 years worth of experience. "We're always up for technically challenging briefs involving splashing, smashing, exploding, smoking, colliding, flaming and freezing!". Attention to detail and a unique vision has recently earned him a feature in Lurzer's Archive 200 Best Digital Artists 2021/22.

Piotr is has been commissioned by well recognised brands and magazines like American Express, Cosmopolitan, Diageo, EDF Energy, Jose Cuervo, Knorr, Lidl, Mc Donald's, Men's Health, Smeg, Smirnoff, Stylist Magazine, Ted Baker, Which Magazine among many others.


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