„Photography is my Bridge between facts and emotions. A link between mind and soul. You are What you feel (…) is my creed” – Radek von Hirschberg Radek took his first steps in photography in the 1980s in the city of Jelenia Góra, to which his artistic pseudonym refers. However, the mundane aspects of life took priority over his passion and pushed him on a different track. After more than three decades, he has returned to photography, which over this period has undergone a technical revolution. One thing has not changed though – the unlimited possibility of creation, experimentation and self-expression through this form of art. And this is what Radek enjoys the most. Mostly mountains and people appear in his lens, as well as clouds, which for Radek are an inseparable element of landscape photography. The camera is an indispensable part of his everyday life, which results in reportage series and street photography. He is an enthusiast of natural light, but does not avoid working in the studio. Most often he focuses on the substance, although sometimes he is only interested in the form. His open mind does not allow him to limit himself to the mainstream fields of photography – among his works we can also find conceptual, architectural photographs and, as he somewhat self-ironically calls them, postcards. By the way, it is worth seeing Radek’s portfolio. Radek’s works have been awarded, published and exhibited in Poland and abroad. They can be found in institutional and private collections as well as at collector photography auctions. The photographer also works with international modeling agencies and fashion houses. Radek creates all the time. He is preparing for several expeditions, sessions and exhibitions. It is worth returning to this page from time to time, as it is updated regularly. He participates in many auctions, and his works are listed on the Polish and European markets (Art Info, ArtPrice). As Lennon said: you have to tell yourself you have talent and then believe in it. Referring to this quote, Radek says: “As part of my photographic hobby, I put on my John Lennon glasses and tell myself that what I’m doing may appeal to others, and maybe even captivate them for a while. And if I’m wrong – I still enjoy what I do.” AWARDS Winner in the competition of Gazeta Wyborcza, “Switzerland-Places to which I return”; Winner in Contest “Photography Tells”, JTF; 2nd place (Silver) in OneEyeland’s international competition in the “Street” category; 2nd place in the Avalanche 2022 Competition, Ruda Slaska; 3rd place in the international Chromatic Photo Awards; 3rd place in the IPA International competition, NY; Winner in the competition of Gazeta Wyborcza, “Switzerland-Places to which I return”; Honorable Mention XXVII National Photo Contest PORTRAIT; Honorable Mention in the 15th edition of the National Portrait competition; Honorable Mentions in the international ND Awards competition


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