This industrial engineer and self-taught artist use photography as a means to express ideas and concerns, letting the images generated in his mind escape.

He started in landscape photography, but he soon understood essential photography not only as a means to convey beauty, but also to reflect on the social and environmental problems that threaten our planet, trying to send a clear, sometimes critical and provocative message. Outside look but also inside.

He uses the object, visual poetry and various photographic techniques to fuel his creativity and reveal himself with reality, trying to answer his own questions. Le Manz makes use of his ability to transform and stamp objects with new identities, bathing them with new meanings, creating visual metaphors where nothing is what it seems, where what is important is what is hidden, what is behind, in an attempt to move the viewer's intelligence and consciousness.

His sleeping facet of passion for photography entered his life strongly in 2015 through solidarity, promoting the solidarity photographic project "Nepal will rise again" to help the earthquake victims. After a two-year project, Richard began to incorporate imagination, creativity into his work, adding the exploration and research of his own ideas.

Art as a response to that need to communicate something, to that need to try to generate thought and awareness in the viewer. His work deals with the failed relationship between humanity and the natural environment where it develops.

Finding other worlds within the world through this exercise in visual synthesis is easier for the artist than the words necessary to find to express those reflections, concerns and ideas. Use simple elements, dislodging them from their usual place and giving them new meanings in their scenography.

Le Manz presents his first project "Habitat, beyond photography" in 2018 where he reflects on the responsibility of the automobile and its way of use in the pollution of the planet through a new language, baptized by some media as "Philography" (Philo from philosophy and graphy from Photography, photography to make philosophize). The project is remarkably successful and does not go unnoticed by the Spanish and international media. During 2019 he presented at Xposure International Photography in the United Arab Emirates. the "Habitat" project together with the most recent "In Our Hands" both projects with different visions, but with a common soul: reflection on the human relationship with nature and responsibility in caring for the environment.

He is currently working on several projects, including the one presented here "Decisive Moment" where he reflects on climate change and the situation of the pandemic.


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