As far back as I can remember, I have had an abiding love of photography. I began experimenting with a box camera; a present my parents received on their wedding. It was in college, while I was studying for an Electronics degree that I got more passionate about photography. It was here that I learnt to develop films and make prints the old-fashioned way, using enlargers. I am a self-taught photographer. The internet is an excellent source of information. I love shooting all genres of photography. After all a picture is a picture is a picture. My travel for business has given me the opportunity to take many images during these sojourns. I have shot table-tops, portraitures, street photography, landscapes, architecture and travel photos. When I have a camera in hand, and I raise my eyes to the viewfinder, I get totally lost in my own world. I try to find the right composition and the moment before pressing the shutter. The feeling of having captured a ‘keeper’ is a high in itself. I run my family business involved in Food Manufacturing in India. Awards in International Photo Competitions: 1. Architecture Photography Masterprize (APMP) 2021 One Best of Best, Two Category Winners and 5 Honorable Mentions 2. International Photo Awards (IPA ) 2021 Two Honorable Mentions 3. Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) 2021 One Gold, One Silver, Two Bronze and Three Honorable Mentions. 4. Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA) 2021 One Honorable Mention 5. Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA) 2021/2022 6 Nominations 6. Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA) 2021 One Bronze, 2 Honorable Mentions and 5 Official Selections 7. Tokyo International Foto Awards (TIFA) 2020 One Gold and 2 Honorable Mentions. 8. International Photo Awards (IPA ) 2020 2nd Place Award and 17 Honorable Mentions. 9. Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA) 2020/2021 3rd Place Award and 14 Nominations. 10. The Epson Pano Awards 2020 One Silver and three Bronze Awards 11. Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA) 2020 Three Bronze Awards and One Honorable Mention. Other Recognitions: 1. Cover Photo and Feature in the Photoshop User Magazine published by Kelby One. 2. Featured in ‘Impressive Architecture Photography at the 2021 Moscow International Foto Awards’ article at the Moscow Foto Awards site. 3. Image selected for the BIFA 2022 Awards Categories page. 4. Image selected for cover photo for the Budapest International Foto Award (BIFA) 2021 competition publicity material. 5. Four images were selected for the ‘Around the World’ section of the erstwhile online Hasselblad bulletin. 6. Image appeared in ‘The RPS in India’ section of DIGIT magazine by the Royal Photographic Society. 7. Image appeared in ‘Windows of the World Exhibition 2021’ by the Royal Photographic Society. 8. Over 250 images selected by PhotoVogue, Italy for their site. 9. Four images chosen by PhotoVogue to adorn their ‘Best of’ Section.


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