Steve Turner Studied art at National Art School and photography at Australian Centre of Photography Sydney and has been involved in the photographic and arts industry for 35 years He worked as a professional photographer in a leading Sydney Advertising production company running the photographic division and being one of the first photographers to embrace digital in 1997. Turner started his own studio in 2002 servicing a wide variety of high end advertising clients as well as working on his own fine art projects. After selling his studio in 2015 he has been working on personal projects and directing his photo skills to commissioned fine art projects , teaching and advertising projects for his long term clients. Turner is currently working on a high end coffee table book on seascapes and surfing culture due for release 2024. 247 Awards to date- International, National and State inc Gold, Silver with distinction and Nominations. AIPP - ONE EYE LAND - BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER - INTERNATIONAL COLOUR AWARDS - PARIS PX3 - EPSOM Panoramic. ( London International Creative Competition 2021 Official Selection.) ( 8 Silver Awards -WPE International Europe .2022 ) Australian Mono Awards 2023.- 3 Highly Commended People division . ACMP Australian Photographers Collection. 6-8-9-12. ( ALL PHOTOGRAPHY IS FROM CAMERA AND AI GENERATED IMAGES ARE NOT USED IN MY WORK.) If the photo is not taken with a camera through a lens its NOT photography, ai is pretend photography generated on a computer Shoots : Nikon D6, D5, D850, D3X, DF, ZF , (Hassleblad 4X Medium Format Phase One IQ 160) Hassleblad XPan panoramic film Nikon F4 Film. Lighting : Profoto. B1- A1-A2. & 3 K Studio Lighting Experienced in Studio and Location, speciality in - Medical- Company Overviews- ,High End Architecture- , Commercial Building art Fit Outs. Client examples : Multiplex, Lend Lease , Revlon ,Fuji , Baxter ,Jacobs Creek Wines , Seiko , Nivea . NSW Government , Mantra Hotels ,Crowne Plaza Hotels High Court Of Australia, Paramount Pictures, Forensic Science Sydney, NSW Health. Coco Republic, Bondi Rescue. etc. Fully insured with public liability certificate, WWC Certificate current, Registered Company with ABN. I DO NOT USE ANY AI GENERATED IMAGES USE OF ANY OR ANY PART OF MY IMAGES FOR AI OR AI TRAINING IS NOT PERMITTED


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