Country Ranking : 3    Global Ranking : 82
Total views143651

One Eyeland Awards 2019
Bronze, Display
Finalist, Countryside Shop

13th International Color Award
Nominee, Display

World's Top 10 Black & White Photo Contest 2019 (One Eyeland)
Rank #6 with TROPHY in the World
Rank #1 in Japan.
Bronze, Statue with Sightseers
Bronze, Station
Bronze, Lowrider Hopping
Bronze, Display

World's Top 10 Fine Art Photo Contest 2019(One Eyeland)
Bronze, Display
Finalist, Station
Finalist, Display

World's Top 10 Landscape Photo Contest 2019(One Eyeland)
Finalist, Waterside

One Eyeland Awards 2018
Finalist, Display
Finalist, Station

One Eyeland Awards 2017
Bronze, Station
Bronze, Green and Metal
Bronze, Night in Osaka

IPA The Oneshot: Harmony 2017
Honorable Mention, Wing Walking

World's Top 10 Landscape Photographers 2017 (One Eyeland)
Bronze, Cave Exit

One Eyeland Awards 2016
Finalist, Engine Bay
Finalist, Window View
Finalist, Paris

One Eyeland Awards 2015
Gold, Wing Walking
Finalist, Cave Exit
Finalist, Lowrider

One Eyeland Awards 2014
Silver, Statue with Sightseers
Bronze, Die Strudlhofstiege

Px3 Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2015
Honorable Mention, Statue with Sightseers

IPA International Photography Awards 2015
Honorable Mention, Statue

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