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One Eyeland Awards

Top 10 Black & White Awards

Top 10 Fine Art Awards

Joker Woman-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-bronze-fine_art-4056
Photo ManipulationBRONZE
Front Connection-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4146
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
Purple Rain-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4147
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
Elizabeth Mirror-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4149
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
Pink Dreams-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4153
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
Ophelia Reborn-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4155
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
Woman Harp-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4156
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
Queen Butterfly-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4157
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
Lady In Red-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4158
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
The other face-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4160
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
Lady In Red-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4162
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
Marne  La Valee-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4164
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
Chiara Dreams-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4166
Photo ManipulationFINALIST
Autumn Beauty-Priscilla Vezzit Ferreira-finalist-fine_art-4167
Photo ManipulationFINALIST

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