Canon Australia′s "Tales by Light (4K)" on Netflix November 11

Photography News - Canon Australia′s "Tales by Light (4K)" on Netflix November 11

16-Nov-2016 6776

Remember "Wildlife as Canon sees it"...

The Mountain Gorilla by Peter Veit endorsing the Canon New F-1 body with the 300mm New FD f2.8 Lens (1982). Well, it caught the world's eye for both the quality of imaging and the equipment. Canon was perhaps the most aggressively marketed camera using Wildlife Endorsements in NatGeo and other Photographic Magazines. These "Environment Advertisements" still continue to be part of Canon's Ad Series, featuring one endangered species every month. You can follow Canon's Environment advertisements online at environment/communication/ ad/wildlife.html

With this legacy of association with Nature, Wildlife, Adventure and Exploration, Canon Australia has released "Tales by Light" on Netflix. Season One is all set to reach viewers on Netflix from November 11, 2016. An Australian made series, shot and presented in 4K resolution, is an ode to Nature, Adventure and the great Outdoors, revolving around the challenges faced by five of Australia's and the World's Prime Imaging Artists, as they push creative boundaries further.

Brought together by Director/Producer Abraham Joffe and his team from Untitled film works. Abraham Joffe knits a well woven, thrilling screenplay revolving around the works of his five photographer protagonists, integrating Great Beauty and Adventure, not to mention breathtaking moments and Natural History.

Visual Artist and Storyteller Arte Wolf astounds with his Stories of the Huli Warriors of Papua New Guinea. The intimacy is frightening ! So are the works of Australian underwater and nature Photographer Darren Jew whose visuals of the Humpback whales are mesmerising. Feel your feet slipping with Adventure Sports Photographer Kystle Wright. Travel photographer Richard l'Anson and Landscape Photographer Peter Eastway tell you stories that can only be told by a Lens ! In this case, a Canon Lens !

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