Phase One's 101 Mega Pixel Magic Workhorse

Photography News - Phase One's 101 Mega Pixel Magic Workhorse

07-Jan-2016 11177

Sony and Phase One had reasonable success with their development and usage of the first medium (albeit cropped) medium format CMOS chip with their IQ350 MP sensor. The CMOS did bring in a more gentle, soft, amply toned image into the purview of the medium format photographer's tool kit. Offering itself for massive interpolation and sharpening to the limit, clearly what began at best as a medium format CMOS experiment has come to stay for good in the medium format playing fields with Phase One's latest offering.

Adding to the possibilities and qualities of the earlier IQ3 sensor, Sony and Phase One have developed a full frame medium format sensor offering 101 Mega pixels. That's right folks! A genuine 101,082,464 pixel, true 16 bit colour full frame sensor that's up for grabs bundled with the Phase One XF camera. You are talking of over 100 Mega pixels of the most incredible detail made possible by any of the eight Schneider Kreznauch lenses!

To develop and optimise a complex full frame CMOS medium format sensor (53.7 mm x 40.4 mm) is no easy task. The sensor provides 30fps live view (real time capture during live view) not to mention easy and accurate focus. Which means while viewing live the images from your set via HDMI, you can capture images in real time seamlessly . Compatibility with ipad/ipod/iphone is a given with wifi. GPS module built in the camera, logged through Capture Pilot via ipad/ipod/iphone.

All the benefits of CMOS (low noise, high and wide ISO range, 15 stop dynamic range in the visible spectrum, genuine 16 bit capture) perfectly integrated with a great upgradable camera system and top notch Lenses (Schneider Kreznauch) render an image which we could not have imagined or visualised a year ago. Phase One always delivered at lower ISO but anything over ISO 100 was a noise nightmare! All that is history with this beauty which promises low noise imaging at speeds upto ISO 3200.

The User Interface is super refined for ease of access and use. Easy pan and zoom for image preview and touch controls to dial in parameters (80+ custom settings) make the back extremely user friendly. The ability to plug on to ten different cameras is another major plus. High speed flash sync and vibration reduced performance follows with the new Electronic first curtain shutter, vibration delay and mirror up modes. Genuine lossless 16 bit processing with Capture One Pro.

This is a camera system to die for. The CMOS advantage is clearly apparent. The technology is ultimate and very contemporary. The only negative seems to be that the phase ones made even 2 years ago are fast facing obsolescence!

Are you ready for the Big Jump?

//  Via PHASEONE  //


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