The Sixteen in One Camera . Light L16

Photography News - The Sixteen in One Camera . Light L16
Photography News - The Sixteen in One Camera . Light L16

19-Oct-2015 8163

"You Click the Button, We do the Rest"

Perhaps this could be the world's best known and most successful slogan ever.

(author George Eastman for Kodak)

This slogan is totally apt and true for the soon to be launched Light L 16 camera.

Photography was still in its nascent stages of development, when George Eastman formulated his 'twin market' strategy. His twin markets would comprise of the 'experts' who knew everything needed to produce a fine image and the other lot who were only keen on clicking photographs and did not possess the knowledge or skills to hone their images.

The Light L 16 is perfectly suited for all photographer groups. Those who want fine pictures by default and those 'not so serious' people who do appreciate fine imaging. The ideal photo companion which turns around a perfect image every time!

Getting back to this little beauty, L 16 is a perfect tool for travel and street photographers in its capabilities and compactness. The world's first multi lens, multi sensor pocket camera. One look at the design of the camera conjures up images of the vest pocket Kodak and the Rodenstock Imagon. The Imagon did not have an aperture, instead sported a number of smaller apertures which can be used for differing levels of diffusion and sharpness.

The camera is expected to be dust and reasonably water resistant and expected to ship with 128 Gb of onboard storage. The closest focus distance is 10cms @35mm and 100cms @ 150mm focal length.

Many parts of the scene are recorded by any or all of the 16 lenses of varying focal lengths and sixteen sensors. The Optic Paths of all the lenses are deflected by mirrors and the image is recorded on the sensors. An algorithm takes over, combines all the information and renders the composite image, better than true to life. The rendered image can be as much as 52 Mp. The other advantage is Light L16 allows the user to adjust focus and depth of field after the photo is taken using what they call depth mapping technology. The effective zoom range of the camera is 35mm to 150mm (true optical).

Sporting 16 lenses (five 70mm, six 150mm, five 35 mm), claiming great low light performance, about as big or slightly bigger then a 5" mobile and weighing as much, this experimental futuristic camera is sure to change the way pictures are made. The sixteen camera modules each sport a 13 Mp sensor. The camera is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 quad core 2.2 GHz chip. The camera runs on a modified Android M platform. The Light L16 can also shoot 4K video with the standard zoom range of 35mm-150mm equivalent focal length.

You can reserve the Light L16 today for $1299 at the manufacturer's website. The expected street price is around $ 1700.

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